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  • The VXi V200 Office Wireless Headset System addresses two realities of today’s workplace. One, you don’t always work at your desk. Two, you don’t talk only on your desk phone. Built on DECTTM technology, the V200 gives you up to 350 feet of productivity-boosting wireless freedom. The versatile V200 also lets you use a single headset to take calls on your desk phone and PC. You get a choice of three wearing styles, too. And, when you add the VEHS Electronic Hook Switch, you can answer and end calls, even when you’re away from your desk.

  • You’re on the move. In the office, in your car, and in between. And you need to be connected, seamlessly, wherever you are. So you need a headset, one headset, that can go with you and give you the simple, uninterrupted clarity and connectivity today’s work demands. The VXi Reveal Pro Office is that solution. With the Reveal Pro Office, you’re wirelessly connected to both your desk phone and smartphone with a single headset and base charging unit. With 7+ hours of talk time, VXi’s programmable Parrott Button, audio streaming, a choice of wearing styles, and VXi’s industry-leading noise-canceling technology and sound quality. The Reveal Pro Office works wherever you do. Now nothing can stop you.

  • The VoxStar UC headset eliminates up to 93% of background noise, so people hear you, not the noise around you. The Bluetooth® adapter gives you the wideband audio you need for significantly better VoIP, speech recognition and Unified Communications performance.

  • The V150 frees you from your desk, so you can check with a co-worker or grab a file while you’re on a call.  Add the Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) and you can answer and end calls, no matter where you are.

  • Use this USB Adapter to connect your VXi V150 or V100 wireless headset system to a compatible Windows PC or Mac computer. This adapter connects to the system’s base and the computer’s available USB port.

  • The X200 USB adapter is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Plug this adapter into the VXi V150 and V100 wireless headset systems. Enjoy DSP and echo cancellation for superior voice performance with PC-based softphones and other applications.

Showing all 6 results