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Sennheiser Amplifiers

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  • The UI 770 is the ideal universal wideband Interface box which allows the user to connect a PC, standard phone, handset, a headset of the Sennheiser contact center or office series and even a dictaphone for voice recording.
    With the UI 770 you can easily switch between the headset, handset and PC, adjust the volume of the headset speaker and mute the headset microphone.
    The UI 770 supports the possibility of limiting the Speaker volume by simply setting a switch. This secures compliance with the Noise of work Directive from EU (EU Directive 2003/10/EC) and will result in a reduced maximum output level for the user.

  • Sennheiser Controller for 911, six wire amplifier with push-to-talk button, receive volume control and transmit output adjustment¬†

  • This line amplifier is a cost-effective option for standard carbon applications. Very small in size featuring a rotary receive volume control a mute button and is line-powered requiring no batteries. It can also hook up to consoles requiring PJ 327 dual plug prong jacks using the modular to dual plug prong adapter DC0110. It is compatible with most telephones and PCs.

Showing all 3 results